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Making sensor data accessible for sensor companies and their end customers

Scale up your sensor business with Sensorlab

A modular test sensor containing all the necessary hardware needed to test your IoT idea.

The test kit is equipped with an NB-IoT network adapter which transfer data directly over the NB-IoT network, the new standard in the 4G / LTE family created for low power IoT devices. We handle network connectivity and data plans so you don't need to think about SIM cards and telecom providers.

Easily fetch and update data from sensors, user/accounts, and measurements via native commands with C#, Javascript, Java, Ruby, and PHP through our ready to use SDKs & REST API. Template applications are also available.

Time series database support specifically built to store and handle Big Data. Functions and operations support for data analysis, data retention policies, continuous queries, flexible time aggregations & more.

Monitor and access sensor data & analytics through Sensor Lab's cloud platform. Configure alerts, actions, webhooks, and push notifications on various sensor output.

Our test sensor contains a GPS, an accelermeter & gyro, a temperature sensor, and a NB-IoT network adapter. Optional plug-in sensors available.

IoT Platform

Access and monitor from sensor at any time in the cloud through the SensorLab platform.

See and compare measurment analitics for previous time periods.

Set triggers on sensor behaviour, like a sensor exceeding maximum values, or a sensor leaving specific latitude and longitude coordinates.

Set specific actions on triggers like mobile push notofications, webhooks and Pagerduty alarms.


Connectivity & Network

Our platform support MQTT / UDP

SensorLab has a standard protocol for sending data. If you have your own protocol we can convert it on our side so you don´t have to make changes on your side.



Fetch and update data from sensor, user/accounts, and measurements via native HTTP commands on C#, Javascript, Java, Ruby, and PHP through our ready to use REST API.

Make use of the programing language of your choice with native librares & SDKs.

GET /api/v1/sensors HTTP/1.1
Host: staging.sensorlab.io
Accept: application/json
Success response:
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: text/javascript

    "result": [
            "id": "5ab8b113fc10152c70cdeb65",
            "uniqueid": "93c55c3e-3ef4-4de6-9a8e-db5019b4a941",
            "imei": "863911091619316",
            "name": "Esta"
            "id": "5ab8b113fc10152c70cdeb66",
            "uniqueid": "876cc47b-5379-40de-83d0-10cf96720566",
            "imei": "980098461327809",
            "name": "Christelle"
    "count": 200,
    "pages": 4
Unauthorized response
HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized
Content-Type: text/plain


Our Story

As entreprenurs coming from a software background we have had several ideas around IoT. All those ideas were not even started on because of the barries designing and producing hardware.

Now we want to do what we are good at, making software. And we want to help sensor developers around the world to realize their ideas and will support them with an easy to use and secure IoT platform. We see a future where everything is connected, and we want to fast-forward this process.

team member
Business and software developer
Toni Hopperstad

39 yo, Bergen/Norway, loves disruptive thinking and innovation.

team member
Business and software developer
Magnus Byrkjeflot

38yo, Bergen / Norway, Tech enthusiast

team member
Marketing, business development
Lubomir Fotev

27 yo, Sofia Bulgaria, Passionate about disruptive technology & renewable energy. Muay Thai & Downhill Mountain biking fanatic.

Get In Touch With Us

Email address: [email protected]
Phone number: +4746545411; +4797121397
Address:Bergen, Norway